Company Profile
    In 2012, YuHuang will be the new energy as the group transformation and upgrading of the key development direction, to establish "take independent research and development and external cooperation," the develop
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     Zonta, heavy, dedicated, pragmatic and innovative
    Jade Emperor to create a new energy "billion industrial park" for the development goals.
    Strive to be the engine of new energy.
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    Company Culture
    Goals: a hundred years old shop a first-class enterprises
    Values: create wealth for the country, create happiness for the staff, create harmony for the community.
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    Set up R & D team in 2012;
    February 2014 the establishment of Shandong Yuhuang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.;
    May 2014 Established Yuhuang New Energy R & D Center;
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    In 2014, the scientific and technological work was appraised as an advanced unit. In May 2015, Shandong Jade Emperor Amperex Technology Limited won the excellent project award for the production of graphite powder 
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    Talent resource is the first resource of an enterprise, and it is also an important component of the company's development strategy. Jad 【Details】
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    Task Group

     Founded in February 2014, Shandong Jade New Energy Technology Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Jade Chemical (Group) Co 【Details】
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    The company invested 90 million yuan to build a technology center, mainly for new materials, power batteries, especially graphene lithium ba 【Details】
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Advanced equipment
Amperex Technology Limited is located in Shandong YuHuang Chinese peony - Heze, founded in February 2014, the registered capital of 250 million yuan, is a high-tech enterprise focusing ...>>MORE
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